What is AcidFC®?
A band of psychonauts intent on disrupting and enlightening football fashion and culture through psychedelic means.

This is not nostalgia, it's science. Results from our extensive and ground-breaking experiments by AcidFC scientists over thirty years have found that the human brain produces the same chemical and electrical reactions from:
1. A goal-line scramble resulting in a scuffed winner in the last minute; and
2. The DJ dropping a massive track when you've got your groove on.
Together as one. Hundreds, thousands in the same place. A mass of emotion. Rising and falling to the beat of those we adore. 

AcidFC® Products 
With these conclusive results, we celebrate by creating the highest quality limited edition Acid FC® swag so you look well nice and even opposition fans want to be like you. Guaranteed to deliver: Added confidence, Swagger, Extroversion, New friends and Increased fun times. [Possible paranoia after withdrawal.]

AcidFC® Studio
Our design studio is built on the same ethos with at least 50% of the work done on a voluntary basis for like-minded grass-roots football projects.

This year we became members of Clapton Community Football Club in East London and produce their programmes collaborating with some quality artists and designers along the way.

If you have  project that you think could use the AcidFC touch, drop us an email us score[at]acidfc.com and hopefully we can make some cool stuff together.

You are in the know. Welcome to the underground. Tell only those you trust. Let's make new friends.

From London to the world: "...football's coming up."